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of football and golf

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Foot Golf – The best of Football and Golf!

Foot Golf, the combination of two of the greatest sports, football and golf! Foot Golf is played on a golf course, but using a football. The object of the game is to get the ball into the oversized golf holes using only your feet in the fewest number of shots possible. The beauty of the game lies in being able to strategically combine power and precision to hit those awe inspiring shots that will impress all your friends! Foot Golf is an outside activity that encourages plenty of movement and exciting movement, and it’s something different.

Foot Golf is perfect for players of all ages! You can hire footballs from us for a £5 refundable deposit, but if possible we recommend you bring your own footballs. You don’t need any special equipment or shoes to play Foot Golf, astro turfs or trainers are perfect (no football boots, please!).

Disc Golf – Golf with a frisbee!

Disc Golf is played on our picturesque golf course using frisbee instead. The aim of Disc Golf is to throw the Disc in the basket in the fewest number of throws as possible. The game meanders through our beautiful Par 3 course, working its way through trees and around the lake to create a fun and exciting challenge for beginners and seasoned pros alike. We have one of the most beautiful courses in Sussex.

Disc Golf is perfect for players of all ages and abilities! You can hire discs from us for a £5 refundable deposit, no need for special equipment or clothing – Just turn up and play!

Useful Information: Outdoor activities will be played in all weather conditions, cancellations or moved bookings cannot be accepted due to weather conditions.

After School Fun ‘n’ Food
A round of Foot/Disc Golf and selected kids meal for £9.95. For more information and to book click here.

Day Ticket
Foot/Disc Golf are part of our £30 Day Ticket! If you want the whole Out Of Bounds experience click here.

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